Create URL Shortener Website in Blogger Step-by-step [ Full Guide ]

Create a URL Shortener Website in Blogger Step-By-Step full guide
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In this post, you will learn how you can make or create a URL Shortener website in Blogger or wordpress easily step-by-step procedure. [ Full Guide ].

To make a URL Shortener website you need a blogger account because Blogger is free for hosting forever with a free SSL certificate. You can either use a Blogspot domain or set up the third-party domain or use it as a Sub-domain website.

See the demo version of the URL Shortener Website. Now let’s see how you can make this kind of website easily-

Create a URL Shortener Website in Blogger Free Forever [Step-By-Step]

Step-By-Step Guide to create a URL Shortener website, the first thing you need is –

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1] Set up a domain in Blogger

The first thing you need is to set up a domain name or your Blogger’s URL accordingly as a Shortener website because it is important to get ranked on Google search ranking, for getting traffic, SEO for your blog and of course, for your website Keywords. So it is really important to choose a blog name URL.

If you want to attach a third party custom URL then you don’t need to set up it cause you actually have bought your domain from different places.

2] Download URL Shortener Blogger XML Theme

Download the URL Shortener Blogger theme from here.

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Now Extract the downloaded file in your computer and open the XML File in a notepad or anywhere in an XML Editor. Copy all the HTML Codes from Notepad by pressing Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C keys.

3] Paste HTML Theme Codes in Blogger

Now go to Blogger>Themes>Edit HTML Theme Section and clear all codes and paste entire HTML Codes that you have copied from Notepad.

4] Change Theme Parts

Now change the theme parts accordingly to you. Paste your Adsense verification codes, replace your social profile URLs, etc… etc. and that’s it.

After that, you have to set up the last process like writing a long post ( One Post At least that will show when a user will open your converted URL ), making must-have pages, Adsense Code insertion, writing about your blog description, search description, a well SEO based Blog title.

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If you feel any problem then you can comment down below or contact me. I will try to help you with that.

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