When Muslim Girl, TikTok Star Jannat Zubair Played Holi, This is How She Was Treated

When Muslim Girl, TikTok Star Jannat Zubair Played Holi, This is How She Was Treated
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Jannat Zubair Rahmani, the crush of many young people. TikTok sensational star and so popular of Instagram. See this is how she was treated when Muslim Girl Jannat Zubair posted her photos of Playing Holi 2020, with Hindu actor Siddarth Nigam ( Another actor) by her followers —

When Muslim Girl, TikTok Star Jannat Zubair Played Holi

One of her followers said — “You are a Muslim and playing Holi, Fear Allah. “

One said — ” Sharam Nahi Aati kya Muslim Hokar Holi Khel Rahi Ho… Holi Ka rang Hum Muslimo Ke Liye haram Hota Hai… Lanat Hai Tum Jaisi Ladki Par Jo Islam Ka Tauheen Kare.. Chee… Chee!!!

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[ Eng Trans: you should be ashamed of yourself, by being a Muslim how could you play holi…. Playing Holi is a sin to us…. Girls like you destroy the name of Islam… shame shame. ]

One Said — ” Allah Gunnah Deta Hai Phir Hindu Hee Ban jao… Muslim Ka to Koi bhi Kaam Nahi Karte… Kam Se Kam Allah Se to Daro… Allah ne jo do din Khushi Manane Ko Diye Hai… Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha to phir kya Masla Hai Aap logo ko…?

[ Eng Trans: Allah will punish you for this crime. Why you are Treating like Hindu than be a Muslim…. instead celebrate our own festival like Eid-Ul-fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. ]

One Wrote —” Tu kesi Muslim hai? Hindi Ke saath Holi Khel Rahi Hai… Allah Tujhe jannat Naseeb Naa Kare… Ameen!!

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[ Eng Trans: what kind of Muslim play Holi with a Hindu. ALLAH will not give you heaven. ]

You are Muslim… How you can celebrate Holi?

One said –” You are Muslim Bro… and Holi is Haram in Islam.

One wrote — ” Log fame ke liye apne aap ko bech denge… ek din itna gir gayi hai ye saali Aakhirat toh bhul hee gayi hai.

[ Eng Trans: people do many things to get fame, they will sell themselves, she has forgotten the right teachings. ]

See more hatred comments and reactions Jannat Zubair got on these Holi photos —

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Is this kind of our society? Hindu vs Muslim? Divided into two…? Why don’t you just play every festival if it’s a Hindu Festival or Muslim.. or Sikh’s or Christian’s… If you love it then celebrate it.

Just can say Happy Holi Jannat Zubair Rahmani!!! Don’t let anyone hurt you.

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