Carry Minati Roast Amir Siddiqi in Lockdown: Youtube Vs TikTok The End Viral Video

Carry Minati Roast Amir Siddiqi in Lockdown: Youtube Vs TikTok The End Viral Video

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Carry Minati Roast: Friday, The popular Indian Youtuber, rapper, comedy roasting boy, Ajey Nagar aka Carry Minati roasts Amir Siddiqui TikTok popular celebrity in lockdown, shared a Youtube Vs TikTok The end went viral on the internet. watch the video down below. #Skirt, #AmirSiddiqui, #carryminatiroast and #tiktokers were the trending hashtags on Twitter.

Youtuber Carry Minati recently made famous TikTok user Amir Siddiqui that the fight between CarryMinati and Amir Siddiqui’s fans on Twitter has erupted.

Let me tell you The Tiktok community has long been hating on Cringe content, but when Aamir Siddiqui challenged Youtubers to show their real place, Carry Minatti lived it out. The video in which Minati’s Tiktokr’s took a dig at him, targeting Aamir Siddiqui, that became increasingly viral.

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While this video got four lakh million views earlier, now it has been seen more than 13 lakh times until the time of vial news. In this video, Carrie Minati has played different Tikcok videos to explain why he dislikes Tiktokrs. The videos are all about YouTube Vs TikTok creators, who one is better.

However, according to us, funny memes and jokes are seen on the video of Carrie Minati winning this race, because Carry Minati is trending top on Twitter. Let us know that funny YouTube vs TikTok mimes are going on on social media too. Also, #Skirt, #AmirSiddiqui, #CarryMinatiRoast, and #Tiktokers are trending this hashtag on Twitter.

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If you are unfamiliar with this Tik Tok and YouTubers controversy, then let us tell you that TikTok user Amir Siddiqui made a video targeting YouTubers in which he showed how YouTubers are copying their videos. Aamir defended the Tik Tok community and said that unnecessary hatred is being spread towards him. At the same time, Carrie Minati made fun of this video and made memes about Tiktoker Amir on YouTube.

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