18 Secret Things That Women Never Tell Men

18 Secret Things That Women Never Tell Men

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Thinking that a woman tells you everything? If you are thinking the same way that you may probably be wrong about them. The following are some secret things that women never tell men. Here are the never told things —

#1 Almost all women watch porn but most do not accept it.

#2 Sometimes we make excuses for “menstruation” on the pretext of canceling schemes, even if we are not suffering from menstrual problems.

#3 If we keep seeing you but do not contact you directly, it may mean the following:

  • We are hiding something.
  • We are lying.
  • We are nervous.
  • We love you
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#4 When you drag us from our waist to kiss us, we fall in love.

#5 When someone kisses our neck, we find it very difficult to stop ourselves.

#6 If we have real feelings for you and if we keep fantasizing about your day and night, even just a simple touch becomes nectar for us. mind you. Just a simple casual touch!

#7 We hate when people with whom we are not looking for any romantic relationship ask us about our “size”. We can tell you, but we do not like that thing at all.

#8 Despite being our lover, you can lose your respect in our eyes.

#9 If you boast about the things you buy with your father’s money. So this can never be a reason to impress a real woman.

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#10 We like it when you remember the things associated with us and talk about them. Like important dates, our likes/dislikes, our phobias, etc.

#11 We love it when you play with our hair.

#12 If you are a good cook, we will be impressed with you already.

#13 When you keep talking to us about your ex often, we start to hate him.

#14 We love it when you tell your friends/parents about us.

#15 If you have a good sense of humor, you will continue to get good chances to impress us.

#16 If you respect us, we respect you more.

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#17 We notice your dealings with the watchman/driver/waiter, how you talk with people on the call, we keep checking your social media and checking your comments. We believe that you always treat a girl you have a crush on. What matters most to us is the way you treat us.

#18 We want you to be in front of us. We want you to cry when needed. It does not make you less masculine. We want you to always love us. We want to love you too. Just give us a chance

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