Ultimate Health Benefits of Satisfying Sex
health benefits of satisfying sex

Ultimate Health Benefits of Satisfying Sex

Health Benefits of Satisfying Sex – There are some ultimate Health benefits of satisfying sex that many people don’t really know about and of course having an orgasm is what we all strive for satisfying sex.

It is an incredible stress reliever— There was a study has done quite a while ago where they put people into very uncomfortable situations they were required to teach on a topic they were not familiar with– very stressful situation!

What they did, they took half the people and they said: “you’re to have sex the night before and the other half you’re not having sex the night before.”

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Those people who had had sex within a 24-hour period were much less stressed by all the physiologic measures that we have and also just visibly in the class, teaching on an unknown topic than those people who didn’t have sex.

We find that so fascinating and we told young students we’re going to be teaching for the first time “make sure you have sex the night before because it’ll make you much more relaxed!”

The fact is that if you look in relationships couples who have active sex lives seemed to let all the other things in life sort of float off their back and they don’t let them stress them.

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People who don’t have sex lives – excuse me – who are not sexually active – tend to let all those little things build up and stress them.

To have sex, you have to be healthy: you have to have good cardiovascular health so it’s rather reciprocal – while sex has benefits for health, in order to have the sex you have to be healthy as well so it’s a wonderful synergy.

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