Fall in love with a 14-year-old girl: Is it Right or Wrong?

Fall in love with a 14-year-old girl: Is it Right or Wrong?

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My story, Dating Teen – Falling in Love with a 14-year-old teen girl: A year ago, When A 14-year-old teenage girl proposed to me… asked me to be her boyfriend…

I refused, keeping in mind her age and future, she still did not listen and continued to talk to me.

One day I called her and thought to talk face to face and counseling her, I said — what you are thinking of doing that is not possible. Now you are a teen girl with body and mind, the way you are thinking for me is just an attraction and nothing else…

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I said — “I can only be a friend, a mentor but not in a relationship. ” She kept listening quietly and left bye.

A few days later she called me on the phone and said that I will not bother you anymore, I liked it.

After some days later, someone told me that Madam (She) has made two new boyfriends and she is giving time to everyone. When I asked, I refused at first, also thought to threatened the family members but she said — when everyone is doing, why should I not? Even if you tell my parents, I will do it too.

I finally understood one thing that day…

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If someone is doing something wrong, it becomes our duty to explain once, but if he/she does not understand, then leave it on its condition.

Time and circumstances are the biggest teachers, they will explain everything. As you know Time teaches everything!!

Do you think I did well? Or should I also accept her invitation to be her boyfriend? What would you do in that condition?

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