Only 2 Grams of Coronavirus Killed The Whole World

Only two Grams of Coronavirus Killed The Whole World
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What is a human being position? A really small Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, killed most of the humans from the world. United States of America, China, India, Russia, Asia, and Europian all countries, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Africa, Germany, Spain, every country, every city, the entire world, was caught by this terrible virus. This is the power of GOD, power of a small species. One small thing is enough to do the end of the world.

If we count by physics terms, the weight of 1 coronavirus is 0.85 attograms ( 1 Attogram = 10 to the power -18 grams). That is 0.000000000000000018 grams.

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dubai coronavirus lockdown
Photo: Dubai after infected Coronavirus COVID-19 (2020)

Reports say the number of coronavirus in an infected human being at least 70 billion till show the test positive. And these 70 billion virus’s weight is around 0.0000005 grams.

Meanwhile, the total number of infected humans around the worldwide is around 40 billion humans, with total weight approximately around 2 grams. This 2-gram species has shaken the whole world.

Property, economy, lifestyle, transport, tourism, has been damaged in the world. There is a positive thing from this that due to this 2-gram virus, the entire environment of the earth has been reset.

UAE’s Roads, transport, turisom everything stopped cause of Coronavirus

Thus, God needs only 2 grams of the virus to correct the ruined human condition.

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With this, there can be the end of the world or innumerable creatures become happy. And the earth becomes worth living. Humans should understand the strength and principle of God.

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