Adele Returned on Instagram With A Birthday Post, Thanks Responders and Workers

Adele Returned on Instagram With A Birthday Post, Thanks Responders and Workers
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USA NEWS | Singer Adele has returned to back to social media Instagram on Wednesday morning by sharing a picture to mark her 32nd birthday. She was wearing a black color mini dress said Thankyou for her B’day and also gave thankyou for all the first responders and essential workers who are keeping people safe while risking their lives in Coronavirus Pandemic situation. Also, she is looking so slim trim, with a sexy body as before. Really she has done some weight loss? How did Adele lose her weight? Now trending story over the internet.

Singer Adele 32nd birthday, Returned on Instagram after 19 Weeks

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Adele surprisingly returned on social media Instagram with a picture post, the celebration time of 32 birthday. She also gives Thankyou message to all the people who are sacrificing their lives in this Pandemic situation. She was also looking slim trim with so much weight loss, which is a trending gossip now.

Sharing a picture on 32nd B’day on Insta, Adele was wearing a black mini dress with some blonde hair down and completed her stylish look with black heels.

At first she Thankyou for the birthday and gave thankyou for all the responders and workers who are risking their lives for people. Look down what she captioned the image.

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Adele wrote, ” Thank you for the birthday love. I hope you’re all staying safe and sane during this crazy time. I’d like to thank all of our first responders and essential workers who are keeping us safe while risking their lives! You are truly our angels, 2020 okay bye thanks x.

Adele Weight Loss

Singer Adele was noticeably thinner and the transformation is pretty dramatic. The whole internet is now blown up and thinking how did Adele lose all her weight?

Nagore Robles commented and said after seeing her transformation– ” You’ve worked so hard to look like this and I’m so glad you’ve got your purpose, but I want to tell you that for me you were always a spectacular, beautiful and sexy woman.

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O, The Oprah magazine commented on the picture and asked Adele to release her 2020 album, wrote – ” Our birthday gift should be an Adele 2020 album, yes?!

Adele Last Instagram Post was in December 2019 19 Week Ago

Adele’s last picture on social media Insta, was at Christmas time Dec 2019, wishes everyone a Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays which was 19 weeks ago.

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