Carry Minati Becomes No. 1 Youtuber of India, Beats Amit Badhana, Technical Guruji, Ashish Chanchlani, Other Youtubers

Carry Minati Becomes No. 1 Youtuber of India, left Amit Badhana, Tech Guruji, Ashish Chanchlani, Other Youtubers
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The popular roasting Guru and Youtuber Carry Minati ( real name Ajey Nagar ) is now got a new position, has the most subscribers on social media Youtube. His Youtube Channel beating other Youtubers Amit Badhana, Technical Guruji, BB Ki Vines, Ashish Chachlani, Dhruv Rathee and all the others. He has just released a new rap song ” Yalgaar ” after Youtube Vs Tiktok, Amir Siddiqui video. The song was playing like fire among fans and followers and got 29 million views within just 20 hours.

Following the news, Carry Minati beats Amit Badhana YouTube Channel, Technical Guruji, BB Ki Vines ( Bhuvan Bam ) and other YouTubers in the number of subscribers game. Right now on Dhruv Rathee’s Youtube Channel Carry Minati has 20.6 million subscribers while Amit Badhana has 20.4 million subscribers, got the second position after him.

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While BB Ki Vines, Bhuvan Bam Channel has 17.9 Million subscribers, Technical Guruji Tech Channel has 17.1 Million subscribers and Ashish Chanchlani has 18.6 Million Subscribers. Thus he is still at number one position beating all of these Indian social media heroes.

Let me tell you that this powerpack man, Ajey Nagar has just released a song titled as ” Yalgaar ” rap song on his channel. The song went so viral as its release and got almost 29 millions views injust 20 Hrs. If you want to listen to his song Yalgaar then you can watch it down below: Yalgaar Carryminati X Wily Frenzy


Let me tell you more about the storyline, some days ago, Carry and TikTok celebrity star Amir Siddiqui got a social fight on the question ” Who is better Youtubers or Tiktokers? ” Amir Siddiqui shared a video, pointed on all the YouTubers that He and all TikTokers are the best.

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While next day, hard replying of that Amir Siddiqui video, Carry Minati roasted him and uploaded ” Youtube Vs Tiktok ” video where Ajey badly roasted him. All over the social media was trending with full of their names and controversies hashtags.

And Today, Carry uploaded his music video titled ” Yalgaar ” which also got viral so quick. Undoubtedly, he now becomes one of the top YouTubers of India.

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