Doctor Nura Shares False Myths about Coronavirus on Ameesha Patel Instagram Post

Doctor Nura Shares False Myths about Coronavirus on Ameesha Patel Instagram Post
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Bollywood News: Actress Ameesha Patel shares her thought about Coronavirus and Janta Curfew, said– “Today will go down in history .. a history we did not want to be part of .. an unknown enemy who has created havoc and created a new normal for us .. we are alone at home but for once the not alone in this fight but all countries are united in this 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 ” While commenting down below, Doctor Nura shares ” False Myths about the coronavirus ” and tips to stay safe.

Commenting down, Doctor Nura discussed this Coronavirus disease and shared some Coronavirus tips to stay safe while at home or in public. Nura stated—

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“I would love to bust some FALSE myths about the coronavirus. It is important to stay informed but the information has to be CORRECT !!

  1. The coronavirus can be transmitted in ALL areas in the world – that means in hot as well as cold weather.
  2. The normal human body temperature lies between 36,5 and 37 degrees Celsius and it does not change due to external temperature or weather. That means taking hot baths or staying cold does NOT prevent an infection.
  3. Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body does NOT kill the virus that has already entered your body. These substances can be VERY harmful to your body/mucous tissue (I.e. mouth or nose).
  4. There is NO evidence that rinsing your nose with saline kills the virus or has helped people be protected from an infection with the coronavirus.
  5. Eating garlic does NOT help prevent an infection with the coronavirus!
  6. The coronavirus can affect EVERYBODY, young or old. The difference is that younger people tend to have better immune systems so their body can fight the virus off easier than older people’s bodies.
  7. Antibiotics are NOT effective against the coronavirus because antibiotics only kill bacteria, NOT viruses.
  8. At the moment there is NO evidence-based medicine to help prevent or treat the coronavirus.
  9. Wearing a mask does NOT prevent infection, it might decrease your risk of being infected by droplets if you come into close contact with people BUT the virus can also transmit through the eyes or in form of tiny viral particles (also called aerosols). So that means you are not protected by a mask. Only sick people or people with symptoms should obligatory be wearing masks to protect others around them.

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