Hollywood’s Tom Hanks Donated Plasma, Shared Photos from Hospital

American Actor Tom Hanks Donated Plasma for Coronavirus People Shared Photos from hospital
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Hollywood’s Tom Hanks and his wife were both found to be Corona positive. Tom Hanks donated plasma when he is fully healthy after treatment. They shared photos from the hospital on social media.

Coronavirus Warrior – American actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks was the first celebrity to be infected with the Coronavirus. Both he and his wife were found to be COVID-19 positive during the Australia visit. After this, both were treated and they went back to their homes after recovering.

Some time ago this celebrity couple expressed a desire to donate plasma. It is now reported that Tom Hanks has donated the plasma.

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Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Donated Plasma in Hospital

Tom has shared two pictures from the hospital in which he can be seen donating the plasma.

Tom wrote- ” Here is the plasma bag has given last week. Such a big bag. Donating plasma after the paperwork is as easy as taking a nap.

A report had said that the blood or plasma of those recovering from the coronavirus would be beneficial in the treatment of Coronavirus Disease. It was only after this report was confirmed that Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson talked about donating the plasma.

At the same time, this process is also being adopted in India and other countries. Singer Kanika Kapoor also expressed her desire to donate plasma. She was the first celebrity in India to be found Corona positive. When she recovered completely after treatment, she decided to donate plasma.

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Many people died due to corona virus across the world

Talking about the Coronavirus at the same time, many Celebs stars have come in its grip. Many have recovered and some have lost their lives. At the same time, if you look at the statistics of the whole world, more than 3.2 million people have come to its infection so far and more than 200K people have died.

The United States has more than One million COVID-19 cases until now, 63K lost their lives. So far in India, 35K people have been found corona positive and more than one thousand people have lost their lives.

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