Mia Khalifa Ramy season 2: I’m so Nervous and Excited For The Release

Mia Khalifa Ramy season 2 I’m so Nervous and Excited For The Release
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Mia Khalifa Ramy season 2 – Seems like former porn Actress and Model Mia Khalifa will be seen in Ramy Season 2 streamable on HULU, stated that she is so much nervous and excited for the release.

Mia shared a picture with American comedian Ramy Youssef on social media Instagram and said that she is so nercous and feeling excited while releeasing her Ramy Series. She Thanked him and said, she will never forget him for this.

Mia wrote, ” My hands are shaking typing this I’m so nervous and excited for the release of Ramy season 2, STREAMING NOW ON HULU!! I want to thank Ramy for this surreal opportunity, and for being so kind, and so understanding, and for giving me a voice on his show. I will never forget this, and I will always be grateful to you, not just for letting me loiter on set all day, but for making this show in the first place. I’m speechless and ugly crying.”

Let me tell you in these days, Mia was busy toning her fatty body. She was daily posting her gym photos, exercise videos, getting six pack abs, slim shaping body photos over the internet which her fans loved it.

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