Sonakshi Sinha inspiring Women for being Strong, posing quotes on her top: See Pics

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Bollywood Cover Story: Daughter of Shatrughan Sinha and Dabangg actress Sonakshi Sinha Inspiring Women For Being Strong, Posing Quotes and hashtags On Her Top, See Pictures shared on social media. Surely the pics related to Chhapaak film, in which Deepika Padukone played New Delhi’s Acid Attack 2005 survivor girl “Laxmi Agarwal“. She has faced also so many problems, teasers, and haters’ comments but she told those people that she is not afraid of anything. She is strong, better, fearless girl. Also, she is an inspirational celebrity for women. See the Strong girl Sonakshi’s Asli power- #Asli #NothingToHide #BiggerThanThem #ImListening

#Asli While sharing those pics Sonakshi shared a special message to all the haters and said she has no fear of haters because she is “Asli” ( Eng: Original). See the pics where Sonakshi wearing a black Top written Hashtag Asli with black pants and a white jacket. Wondering to know that Sonakshi Sinha’s Instagram profile name is also “AsliSona”. #BeingAsli

And a special message sealed with a kiss to the haters… because that’s me, that’s #Asli!

– Sonakshi Sinha

#NothingToHide Other pics of Sonakshi Sinha where her Top tagged with a hashtag “Nothing To Hide”. wearing a gray color Top with black jeans, big round earrings and cool specs on.

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to stop me.

– Sonakshi Sinha

#BiggerThanThemPointing to the Deepika Padukone Chhapaak film, where Deepika played an acid attack survivor girl role in the movie, also inspiring people to become especially women that ” It’s time to get Bigger, Better, Stronger!!!

Time to get bigger, better, stronger!!!

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha Vs the Trolls: Once Sonakshi Sinha was brutally trolled in a quiz show for not being able to answer a simple question and Things got so bad that #YoSonakshiSoDumb started trending on Twitter on the next day. After this, she posted a picture where She has closed her ears with her fingers and a quote was written on a white t-shirt saying – “I’m listening“. She ended the post with “…Agar aapke paas koi kaam nahi aur itna time hai toh please yeh sab pe bhi memes banao na. I love memes (sic)

Source: HT

Brave Sonakshi sharing her thoughts for Deepika Padukone’s latest movie Chhapaak, tweeted “No matter which political party you support, do u support violence? Don’t visuals of bleeding students and teachers shake you up? We can’t sit on the fence any longer. Kudos to Deepika Padukone for showing up, & all those who spoke for speaking up. This is not the time to stay quiet.

Chhapaak (2020)

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