Sonam Kapoor Wet In the Rain, Shared Throwback photos, Husband Anand Said, Magical

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Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has shared her throwback photos. In this, she is seen wet, dancing happily in the rain. Along with these beautiful pictures, Sonam has also shared a poem, in which the wait of ‘Piya’ (lover) can also be felt with the drops of Saavan (Rain). Her husband Anand Ahuja reacted something like this on Sonam’s post.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has shared some throwback photos. With which she has posted a beautiful poem. See How her husband Anand Ahuja has reacted to Sonam’s post.

Sonam shared two pictures on Instagram. With this, she wrote – “Naina barase, rimajhim rimajhim… piya tore aavan kee aas, vo din meree nigaahon mein, vo yaaden meree aahon mein, ye dil ab tak bhatakata hai, teree ulphat kee raahon mein, soonee soonee raahen, sahamee sahamee baahen, aankhon mein hai barason kee pyaas, naina barase rimajhim… nazar tujh bin machalatee hai, mohabbat haath malatee hai, chala aa mere paravaane…

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Reacting to Sonam’s post, her loving husband Anand Ahuja also wrote – ‘Magical’. This reaction of his one-word says a lot. Sonam’s father Anil Kapoor has also given his comment on this. See her post down below:

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नैना बरसे, रिमझिम रिमझिम पिया तोरे आवन की आस वो दिन मेरी निगाहों में वो यादें मेरी आहों में ये दिल अब तक भटकता है तेरी उल्फत की राहों में सूनी सूनी राहें, सहमी सहमी बाहें आँखों में है बरसों की प्यास नैना बरसे रिमझिम… नज़र तुझ बिन मचलती है मोहब्बत हाथ मलती है चला आ मेरे परवाने वफ़ा की शम्मा जलती है ओ मेरे हमराही, फिरती हूँ घबरायी जहाँ भी है आ जा मेरे पास नैना बरसे रिमझिम… अधूरा हूँ मैं अफसाना जो याद आऊँ चले आना मेरा जो हाल है तुझ बिन वो आकर देखते जाना भीगी भीगी पलकें, छम-छम आँसू छलकें खोयी खोयी आँखें हैं उदास नैना बरसे रिमझिम… ये लाखों गम ये तन्हाई मोहब्बत की ये रुसवाई कटी ऐसी कई रातें ना तुम आए ना मौत आई ये बिंदिया का तारा, जैसे हो अंगारा मेहंदी मेरे हाथों की उदास नैना बरसे रिमझिम…

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Sonam is in her mother’s house in Mumbai these days. After relieving the lockdown, she too moved to Mumbai to meet her mother-daddy. She is in Mumbai along with husband Anand. He also shared pictures.

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If you want to see some of Actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja Unseen Photos.

Recently, Sonam has also shared a throwback photo with Anand, in which both of them were seen taking boat rides. On the caption, she wrote- ‘The best husband in the world, who gives me everything that I truly need. He is my blessing on my birthday. Love you Anand Ahuja from the first day I hugged you.

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