Black Lives Matter: Streets From the UK To New Zealand “No Justice, No Peace”

Black Lives Matter Streets From the UK To New Zealand No Justice, No Peace
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Black Lives Matter: Violence has erupted in cities across the United States, and protests have taken place around the world, following the death of George Floyd in police custody. In the US, protesters are calling for justice, have smashed police vehicles and some have looted shops. Riot police have fired tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades. Across the world, demonstrations have taken place in solidarity with US protesters. Signs reading “I can’t breathe” and “no justice, no peace” have been held aloft in streets from the UK to New Zealand. See images of the protests.

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Protest Pictures: UK to New Zealand

US: Charge All The Cops! No Justice No Peace Prosecute The Police
Fire on Streets
People for protests death of George Floyd
Say No To Racism: I Can Not Breath
Black Lives Matter
A Woman holding a banner “Black Lives Matter” in night
Black Lives Matter: No Justice, No Peace
Justice Can’t Wait
Poeple on US Streets
Coronavirus Fask Mask captions ” I can’t Breath “

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