Donald Trump Wants US To Mine on the Moon, Why? The Possibilities?

Donald Trump Wants US To Mine on the Moon
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America Donald Trump And Moon – US President Donald Trump wants to start out mine on the moon. it’s clear that America is eyeing the mineral contents on the moon. US President Donald Trump has recently signed an executive order stating that America has the proper to explore and utilize the resources available in space.

It has also been said within the order that the US doesn’t see space as an area for shared use of resources and doesn’t even understand the requirement for taking any international agreement to try to so.

But the question arises that —

Why does America want to try to mining in space? And what are its benefits?

Radio One Newsbeat has tried to seek out answers to the questions associated with it by rebuke many experts during this regard.

Sahara Cruddas, an area Journalist by profession, says, “The mining of the Moon will help a person’s being to travel further into space. a person may attend Mars.”

Can be a Petroleum Station in Space

The moon can act as a petroleum station within the galaxy because it’s the mandatory resources of rocket propellent like hydrogen and oxygen.

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A fuel station in space meant that rockets would be able to go further without fear about fuel in space.

Sarah says, ” When you persist vacation, you do not carry the sink. It’s rather like that. once we attend space, we shouldn’t just carry everything with us.”

” It is incredibly important to explore deeply because there’s plenty of potential in space and exploiting them can benefit our Earth.”

Climate change problem

Professor Benjamin Sowakool of the Department of Energy Policy at the University of Sussex says that thanks to temperature change, the planet is moving towards non-conventional sources of energy and it needs these resources available in space.

Professor Benjamin says, “We have almost exhausted the resources available to us. we will make electric cars by mining the minerals available in space. it’ll be good for the environment within the future.

We need minerals like lithium and cobalt. it’s found mainly in countries like China, Russia or the Congo. it’s also difficult to get. Ensuring supply of minerals from different supplier countries around the world could be a complex. Work is there. These countries have different rules and benefits. Mining anyone’s power on the moon is feasible. “

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Sara says that the mining of those minerals in places just like the Congo takes place under extremely dangerous conditions.

However, Professor Benjamin also warns that mining in space isn’t visiting to solve any immediate solution to the matter of temperature change in the world.

USA-China tension

One reason for President Trump’s decision to try to mining on the moon may be that America has less access to minerals than other countries of the planet.

Professor Benjamin says, “ America is lagging behind during this race. Countries like China and Russia are ahead. The minerals that are being mined in China are available everywhere on the planet. it’s really tempting for people like President Trump The thing is that you just are becoming minerals from where China isn’t, like space.

Ever since President Trump came to power, there has been a tense situation between the US and China.

In Professor Benjamin’s opinion, this is often a chance for President Trump to demonstrate his dominance and leadership.

What does the law say?

In President Trump’s order, it’s been clearly stated that the law of nations won’t be applicable to American efforts being made in space. But the reality is that the legal situation isn’t very clear about what an individual can do outside the space and what’s not.

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Sara says, “Space law is evolving. This is often something that may change over time. No country can claim on the moon but its current situation is like admiralty law. . If you go there, find something, do mining, it’s yours and you’ll keep it with you.

Professor Benjamin says, “Our gaze on space are a few things that can’t be avoided for long because temperature change is going on on our earth.”

“There is additionally a plea that folks are left with only space left to travel because we’ve got tousled everything on the world on balance. Under this view, exploiting space is now the sole option for future humans. is.”

Is this possible in our lifetime?

Sara says, “Technology exists and progress is progressing rapidly. Because many private companies are now involved in it. Earlier only governments wont to invest in it, but thanks to private companies and folks, now extra money and larger ambitions are attached thereto. went on.”

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We are going to be able to see big progress within the coming time. like mining on the moon and asteroids, man’s departure on Mars. these items are visiting come true in our lifetime.

But Professor Benjamin says that the employment of recent technology is equally important within the process of mining on earth at this point.

He says, “Mining work on the moon is far-fetched. it’s really difficult to attain. So first we’ve got to develop existing mining like digging in gas and problem. at the moment we attend the following phase Can. “

In the opinion of Professor Benjamin, mining on the moon will take a minimum of 10 to fifteen years now which too will depend upon what proportion money and resources are going to be spent in it.

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