Mrs. Serial Killer Review: Crime Patrol Dialogues, Loose Screenplay, Jacqueline’s New Film Has Nothing

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Jacqueline Fernandez Mrs. Serial Killer Review -- When Jacqueline Fernandes film Mrs. Killer was announced, the fans were looked interested and enthusiasm increased by looking at her look and knowing about the story. Everyone was waiting for Queen of Jack’s Netflix movie for a long time and now that it has come. Let’s see how is the film? What is the Storyline? How was the performance? Mrs. Serial Killer Full Review.

Mrs. Serial Killer Stream On Netflix India

If you are thinking of mystery thriller films in Hindi cinema, then many names can come into your mind like Taapsee Pannu’s Badla, Vidya Balan’s Story, Urmila Matondkar’s Kaun, Rani Mukherji’s Mardaani 2. And when a movie comes on Netflix, which makes your bad days in lockdown worse. Jacqueline’s Mrs. Serial Killer is the same film.

What Is this the story of the film?

Let me tell you the other things that this film has been written by Shirish Kunder himself. Kunder has directed, created, and even music himself. Which shouldn’t have happened! Now let’s talk about the story.

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The story is actually that the police arrest a famous gynecologist of the city for serial killing. In such a situation, his wife can do anything to save her innocent husband and prove her innocence.

How is Actors Performance?

Jacqueline Fernandes plays the ” Sona ” role in the film and her husband is Manoj Bajpayee in the role of Dr. Mritunjoy Mukherjee. Mrityunjoy aka Joy runs a big maternity home and his wife Sona is upset with Imran Shahid (Mohit Raina), a cop.

There is a secret of Imran and Sona, which no one knows. Simultaneously, Imran is trying his best to send Joy to jail. He is also successful but then there is such a twist in the story that you get a little shocked.

There are many shocking things in this film. Like how can Jacqueline Fernandes make such a well-setup scene so bad? Why Manoj Bajpayee did yes to do this film? What suddenly happened to Mohit Raina’s character in the middle of the film? and many more unsolved questions. But let’s talk about the actors’ performance.

Jacqueline’s dialogue delivery is still as bad as it used to be in the early days of her career. There is no point in her acting. Her screams have turned out well in this film and undoubtedly she looked so beautiful in the film.

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More Work front, Jacqueline also worked on Netflix’s film Drive. We are unable to understand why Jacq is giving herself the challenge of doing useless films unnecessarily.

Manoj Bajpayee is one of the best actors in the film industry. In this film too, he had to shine and he did. But an actor cannot save an entire film. There were layers in his character, which would be awesome if opened up layer by layer.

Likewise, Mohit Raina has done a superb job in the role of Imran Shahid. But even he also couldn’t save this film. He himself could not manage his performance till the end.

Shirish Kunder’s direction, screenplay, music ….

Shirish Kunder is one person responsible for everything from directions to music and everything else. Shirish has previously given Jaan-e-Man and Joker (Akshay Kumar, Sapna Na Dekho Jyada ) to the cinema. What was the fate of both these films at the box office and what is the opinion of the audience, everyone knows. But a director serves the idea of ​​a good mystery thriller film to the public, it is expected from him.

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Expecting Shirish Kunder about Mrs. Serial Killer is the fault of fans of thriller films. The script of the film is very weak. He did not show every character properly.

Mrs. Serial Killer Official Trailer | Jacqueline Fernandez, Manoj Bajpayee | May 1 | Netflix India

Let me tell you that Jacqueline is a teacher in the film, what does she teach, where does she teach, is she working or not? So many unsolved mysteries. Manoj Bajpayee has a very solid backstory idea but why not show him in the film? Many such things make this film worse than bad.

Used Crime Patrol Dialogues And Loose Screenplay

There is nothing in Shirish’s direction and the dialogues have been written by a Crime Patrol writer. Because in a very intense scene, laughter comes from only two things, poor acting by the actors and another useless dialogue, here in this film, you will get both.

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For example, in one scene, Manoj Bajpayee’s character is called Joy by his wife Sona (Jacqueline). In this loving situation, He gets angry and says- ‘Why do you keep calling me Joy Joy, I am an ice cream?

Film’s cinematography is quite correct. Beautiful locations are shown. However, the scenes for which the sets have been prepared will be understood as soon as you see them. Talking about music, such bad music will hardly be of any film. I am not talking about background score at all.


Mrs. Serial Killer Review | So if you want to spoil your weekend, make your time more difficult and mood so bad in lockdown then Mrs. Serial Killer is made for you.

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